Monday, November 17, 2008

A Semi-Quiet Weekend

Not much crafting news to report fromt his weekend. I started and am almost finished with this hat for my husband, but that's about it. I did spend several hours on Saturday raking and gathering up leaves. Oy! We have a lot of leaves (I raked a pile taller than me) and all from 1 tree! Talk about your workout.

I did some shopping - I am almost done with things that need to be bought which feels really good. I need to get some sort of big gift for him which is always a challenge. Maybe a watch? Tools? Ugh!

I set myself up for some more crafting insanity by buying glitter, stamps and paint because apparently I really need to make some ornaments for people and, of course, stamp up my own gift wrap. Yeah, I'm a little insane. I hope to work all of that up this week and will post pics.

How was your weekend?

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