Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Knitting Part 1

I was a lazy butt and didn't take any photos of my projects last night. I am please to report, that I have 2 things done, 1 more than half done, and a firm plan for the remaining 4. Now, all I have to do is stop adding things (damn you Ravelry!!!!) and quit agreeing the "just whip up" things for other people.

Here is the list:
NOTE: If you are related to me (although, I'm pretty sure none of you know about this blog), you'd better turn back now or risk not being properly surprised when you open your gifts.
  • 1 Clapotis in Malabrigo worsted for my sister
  • 1 Clapotis in a really nice, locally dyed lace weight for my sister-in-law
  • 1 Feather and Fan (local yarn store pattern nor on Ravely - sorry!) scarf for my mother in Malabrigo lace weight
  • 1 pair Dashing for my brother in Cascade 220
  • same for my brother-in-law
  • Attempt number 2 on a Turn a Square hat for my father (he has a really big head)
  • 1 Christmas stocking for my brand new baby nephew (pattern to be determined)
Whew! It's all small things and should go fast. Of course, I keep getting distracted and then, there are the projects I agreed to knit (while semi-inebriated) for my aunt to give as gifts. I am a sucker. See patterns here, here and here.

What are you working on?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh. My. Gosh.

Watch this. Holy smokes.


Whoa. It hs been a long time. Sorry about that. Is anyone still out there? I would totally understand if not.

So, what happened there? Well, my husband and I made this huge decision to finally buy a new house. We've been living in a super tiny house for 9 years and it was just time. We have completely out grown the space and we'd like a little more peace and quiet than can be found in the middle of an urban area.

So, we found a realtor, secured financing, made lists of must haves/wish fors and started searching . . . 11 months ago. Yeah. To date, we have looked at 85+ houses, made offers on 5, had offers accepted on 2 and still we haven't moved. Can you say stressful? We are still waiting to hear whether or not our offer has been accepted by the bank on a short sale that we found 3 months ago (yikes!). The current housing market may be a "buyer's", but it sure feels like it more so belongs to the banks. And then we still need to sell our current house. Grr!

I am tired of having my life put on hold by a maybe someday change and so I am turning a leaf. I will update more, make plans for the future that are not dependent on where I'm living (or when I may be moving) and try to just let some of this stress go. In the meantime, there has been knitting (Christmas is coming!) and cooking and baking. I promise to post pictures and recipes soon and get this whole blog thing rolling again.

Thanks for being here and thanks for listening.