Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Knitting Status Report

I am making progress - hooray!!!! Only 3 items that I need to make left (2 hats and a cowl which is well underway). I am feeling a lot more comfortable now. I know they are all small items and logically I know they don't take very long to make, but I am kind of anal and feel much happier knowing that, with a month to go, I am well ahead of schedule.

So, here is where I am so far:

Hats/mittens for my sister and brother's girlfriend (I embroidered the hats after I took this photo - cute!), malabrigo cowl and Fetching mitts for my Mom, cowl for my brother out of Berocco Jasper,

Toasty mitts for my niece and a modified (i.e. much shorter) pair of Toasty mitts for my aunt out of Noro Silk Garden.

This was my very first time working with the Noro Silk Garden and I was really impressed - the colors were amazing and it was really soft. Maybe I will make myself something with it . . .


Rachel's Wanderlust said...

I love your mittens! I am pretty new to knitting and looking for a really basic mitten pattern, can you recommend one?

Good luck with the holiday knitting.

Sarah said...

Rachel - This is the pattern that I learned to knit with and the one I used for the pink and green mittens. It's pretty easy since it's knit flat.

Rachel's Wanderlust said...