Friday, October 31, 2008

Dressing Up Your Pet is Fun aka My Brother is Silly

This is Buddy. He is a pug owned by my brother and his lovely girlfriend, Beth. He is dressed as a deli ham. Note the pineapple ring and cherry.

And, this is Beth. She is a deli worker. Poor Buddy . . .

A Thank You and Some Welcomes

I recently weighed in on a give away over at The ADD Knitter for some super lovely sock yarn. I enter for things all the just for the fun of it, but never reall expect to win.

This time, however, was different . . .

I totally won! That's right, the beautiful Lorna's Laces is mine!

Let me just say a very enthusiastic THANK YOU to The ADD Knitter. You really made my day (week/month) and I am so, so apppreciative.

The other way nice thing that The ADD Knitter did for me, was to send all sorts of lovely new readers my way. And so, to all of you who came here from The ADD Knitter, I say . . .

WELCOME!!!! Make yourselves at home.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Craftiness

I am not typically a Martha Stewart devotee, but something about the glittery pumpkin project really appeals to me. Defintely an instant gratification type thing.

My mom and I did this a few years ago and the pumpkins turned out great and lasted through Thanksgiving so not only instant gratification, but staying power which makes it all good in my book.

Here's what you do:

Gather up some pumpkins in a variety of sizes, white glue (aka school glue), super fine glitter (which I couldn't find so I used regular), paint for the stems and a few brushes for applying the glue and paint.

Paper plates or newspaper are a good idea to for easy cleanup and scooping up of the extra glitter. Of course, if you're like me, you will still end up with glitter all over yourself, your house and your cat. It's festive!

Anyway, pour some glue onto a small plate or bowl. Apply evenly to pumpkin. Pour the glitter over the glut coated pumpkin and shake off the excess. Set aside to dry. Repeat. I told you, so easy. After they finish drying, paint the stems. Dry some more and then display proudly like so:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday Knitting aka I Am Insane

So . . . With the knitting madness, I have decided that I should make handknits for everyone for Christmas. I am insane, but it is a controlled insanity . . . for now. Oh, and if you are in any way related to me - STOP READING RIGHT NOW! Thank you.

Anyway, I am list maker and really need to get a handle on this, so I sat down last night and came up with:

Mom - Fetching mitts and Birthday Cowl
Dad - Hat
Hubby - Hat
Brother - Gloria Cowl
Sister - Mittens and hat
Brother's GF - Mittens and hat
Niece - Fetching mitts
Father-in-law - Morningside Neckwarmer
Step-mother-in-law - Birthday Cowl
Aunt - Fetching mitts

Alright, not bad. All fairly small and easily done projects. Well, I decide this morning ('cause I'm kind of insane) that maybe I need to make felted bags for my husband's cousin and her daughter. Except, then I'd have to make something for her son and her mother and OMG where does it stop?

Send help!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Serious Sweater Lust

I love sweaters. Wooly, warm, cozy sweaters. I am heavy in to Ravelry and keep seing all of these beatiful sweater patterns. The knitting blogs are just as full of inspiration. The problem is, I'm scared. I admit it. I have never made a sweater before and the prospect is pretty intimidating.

I think that I am finally ready to lose my sweater knitting virginity . . . I've fallen in love with a project that is pretty popular . . . everyone swears it's easy . . . I think I'm ready for this:

Yes, it's the Gathered Pullover. I am in love.

A Beginning

I have never had a blog before . . . long time reader, first time blogger? Some things about me: I live in Minnesota in the same city I was born/raised in. I am married with no kids. I have a cat named Cooper who will show up from time to time. I knit, read, travel, cook and work at a law school. I will talk about pretty much all of those things. I like pink a lot, but never wear it. I enjoy being a girl. Welcome.