Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Whoa. It hs been a long time. Sorry about that. Is anyone still out there? I would totally understand if not.

So, what happened there? Well, my husband and I made this huge decision to finally buy a new house. We've been living in a super tiny house for 9 years and it was just time. We have completely out grown the space and we'd like a little more peace and quiet than can be found in the middle of an urban area.

So, we found a realtor, secured financing, made lists of must haves/wish fors and started searching . . . 11 months ago. Yeah. To date, we have looked at 85+ houses, made offers on 5, had offers accepted on 2 and still we haven't moved. Can you say stressful? We are still waiting to hear whether or not our offer has been accepted by the bank on a short sale that we found 3 months ago (yikes!). The current housing market may be a "buyer's", but it sure feels like it more so belongs to the banks. And then we still need to sell our current house. Grr!

I am tired of having my life put on hold by a maybe someday change and so I am turning a leaf. I will update more, make plans for the future that are not dependent on where I'm living (or when I may be moving) and try to just let some of this stress go. In the meantime, there has been knitting (Christmas is coming!) and cooking and baking. I promise to post pictures and recipes soon and get this whole blog thing rolling again.

Thanks for being here and thanks for listening.

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