Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday Knitting aka I Am Insane

So . . . With the knitting madness, I have decided that I should make handknits for everyone for Christmas. I am insane, but it is a controlled insanity . . . for now. Oh, and if you are in any way related to me - STOP READING RIGHT NOW! Thank you.

Anyway, I am list maker and really need to get a handle on this, so I sat down last night and came up with:

Mom - Fetching mitts and Birthday Cowl
Dad - Hat
Hubby - Hat
Brother - Gloria Cowl
Sister - Mittens and hat
Brother's GF - Mittens and hat
Niece - Fetching mitts
Father-in-law - Morningside Neckwarmer
Step-mother-in-law - Birthday Cowl
Aunt - Fetching mitts

Alright, not bad. All fairly small and easily done projects. Well, I decide this morning ('cause I'm kind of insane) that maybe I need to make felted bags for my husband's cousin and her daughter. Except, then I'd have to make something for her son and her mother and OMG where does it stop?

Send help!


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Hope your family doesn't see your blog and find out what they're getting! In any case, email me your address because you're a WINNER!:)

knithound brooklyn said...

Hey there! Welcome to the knitty blog world. A.D.D. Knitter sent me over - can't wait to see your stuff!

Mary Beth said...

Found you through the rambling blog reading route that I sometimes take. Making lists as well as gifts are my fortay. You've definitely chosen very attainable gift goals. My sister & I usually start our lists in June & are knitting full swing by August. We come from a large family. It can get out of hand at any moment, lol.

Kim said...

Found you through a.d.d. Knitter! Welcome to blogland! That list is totaly do-able but you should start immediately. Love all the projects on your list.

Annemarie said...

I am such a beginner, I tried circular needles the other night. I don't know where I'm going wrong, because I ended up with the most awful mess. Ack. To the store for presents!